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Beautiful Rooms Painted in Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster

Beautiful Rooms Painted in Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster

If you’re looking for a soft, warm, neutral pink to use in your interiors, then look no further than Farrow and Ball’s setting plaster.

Setting plaster is a soft, slightly peachy, subtle shade of pink paint. I recently introduced it into our own home, by painting our staircase spindles in setting plaster eggshell finish paint and I love it! It’s a warm, versatile shade that lends itself well to most rooms in the house.

To tie in with our hallway, I’m planning to add touches of Setting Plaster around the house. We may use it on the woodwork of the second flight of stairs to our bedroom and I’m considering painting out the dining room from the woodwork to the walls, perhaps even the ceiling too?!

Here are a few beautiful room using Setting Plaster, for inspiration!


This beautiful master bedroom belongs to one of my favourite Instagram accounts, @elle_the_home_bird. Seeing how well the black fireplace looks against the gentle pink of setting plaster makes me very happy! Our dining room has a large black fireplace, so it’s good to see the two colours work together.

I love how warm and inviting the pink feels in a bedroom. It feels calming and perfect for a room where it needs to be relaxing for sleep.

Below is another example of how soft and beautiful setting plaster can be when used in a bedroom. I love the artwork in this bedroom and how it picks up on the neutral tones of the paint.

Image from @makelifeanart

Living Rooms

Moving into the living areas of the home, you can see below how setting plaster lends itself to traditional interiors. Far from being sickly sweet, setting plaster is an expensive looking neutral shade that adds warmth to living spaces.

Image from Farrow and Ball

I love how beautifully the colour complements darker shades of wood in the photo below. The living room looks cosy, inviting and classic.

Dining Rooms

The wonderful thing about this paint colour is that it’s neutrality lends itself to different styles of interiors, be it traditional or modern, quintessentially English or Skandi, this colour works equally well with them all.

This is the room where I’m planning to use setting plaster on the walls and not just the wood work. Cannot wait to see it done! You can read more about dining room inspiration in this post.

Image from
Image from


I love how the designer of the room below has paired setting plaster with a bold and vibrant red. It’s a striking combination that makes an undeniable statement.

Image from @damianrussell_


I think the kitchen is up there with my favourite place to use setting plaster. With the light shining through the window, the colour looks warm and welcoming, while further below, the cooler light makes for a minimal and understated (but still beautiful!) space.

Image from Farrow and Ball

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