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A Sleepbear Mattress Review

A Sleepbear Mattress Review

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know we are in the midst of doing up our family home. In fact, we have been in the midst of doing up our home for nearly the last five years. Phew, how time flies when you’re knee deep in dust and paint. It has been a challenge to say the least.

Over the last 6 months, we have made a real push to move things forward. We had a bit of a break in getting things done whilst Elodie was very young, but now she’s two, we can’t rely on the ‘baby’ excuse for not striding on. Just under a month ago, Chris and I moved into our new bedroom on the top floor of our home and were luck enough to be sent a new Sleepbear mattress to try out on our brand new bed.

A Sleepbear Mattress Review

If you haven’t already heard of them, Sleepbear manufacture luxury mattresses, here in the UK. Their latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria, and are made in a combination of three layers. The top layer is super spongy and soft, designed to help regulate your body temperature. Whilst the lower two layers are denser, offering bounce and support.

Our mattress arrived, rolled and packaged in a large cardboard box. It also came with a little goody bag containing a sleep mask and a cosy grey nightshirt, which was a lovely added bonus. When I unpackaged the mattress, there was a strange smell and residue on it. It smelt slightly chemically, which may have been due to the silica gel it was packaged with to keep it dry, I don’t know. Either way, after airing for 24 hours, the smell and residue disappeared completely.

The mattress is aesthetically pleasing, with a stippled top layer, bright blue piping, and a stylish grey band around its outer edge. I like the grey band so much, that it almost seems a shame to cover it with a sheet. Talking of sheets, the mattress is reasonably deep. So, if you buy this mattress, make sure you have quality sheets that don’t skimp on material, or you may be constantly pulling the corners back down.

I can definitely feel the benefit of the different layers. The top layer is cosy and comfortable, whilst the lower layer supports my back and hips. With this mattress, it’s almost as though you get the benefits of a soft and firm mattress all in one. I have felt so comfortable in our new bed, that I have been loathed to leave it. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t spent more days working from bed, than I had previously.

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Since trying our our Sleepbear mattress, I have been getting a better nights sleep. Though it’s hard to say whether this has everything to do with the mattress, or more to do with leaving our headache of a pink bedroom behind us. Also, we opted for a larger bed in our new room, so Chris and I have more space to ourselves. Either way, I do think the comfort of our new mattress has helped improve my sleep, even if only a little.

In the interests of trying to make this a balanced review, I have tried very hard to think of some negative points, but aside from the smell, that disappears, I honestly can’t think of any. I am so pleased with the quality and comfort of our new Sleepbear mattress and would certainly recommend them to friends and family. We are so pleased with ours, that as soon as their pillows are back in stock, I will be rushing to put our order in!

I have put together a little film review about my experience of using the Sleepbear mattress, if you’d like to have a watch.

*Thanks so much to Sleepbear for sending us a mattress to try out free of charge. We are absolutely thrilled with it!


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  1. December 1, 2017 / 5:46 am

    I think the advice that if you’re sleeping better away from home then it’s time for a new mattress is spot on. If you sleep better on a guest bed or hotel bed than there’s something wrong with your mattress and it’s time to upgrade. I also didn’t realize a mattress should be switched out every 10 years. Its true many people don’t have the spare money to buy a new mattress but when you think about how much bacteria can be trapped in the mattress over its lifespan, it makes sense to want to invest in a new one. Thank you for the information.

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