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10 of the Best Jute Rugs & Where to Buy Them


As I wrote in my blog on Interior Trends for 2020, natural, earthy and rustic materials are having a revival. Though you could probably argue that they never went away. In the quest to bring a piece of rustic nature indoors, jute rugs have become incredibly popular.

I used to think that you could only buy jute rugs in one colour, but that’s absolutely not the case. There’s a huge variety on the high street, from patterned, to bold solid colour.

One of my favourite things about jute rugs (we have two Ikea Lohals in our house), is that they are incredibly durable and hide stains incredibly well. In terms of pound for use, they are astonishingly good value. We bought one of our large jute rugs, for less than £100, over six years ago and it’s still going strong today.

As there’s noting I enjoy more, than scouring the internet for homewares, I have put together a list of my favourite Jute rugs, some of which I am more than tempted to buy myself! Just so you know, a handful of the links below are affiliate, which means I may get a very small percentage of sales from this post.

Zara Floral Jute Rug

I love the floral pattern in this Zara rug! I think it would work beautifully in a bedroom. I’m very tempted to buy this one to pair with the Ikea Lohals rug in my Eldest daughter’s room.

Zara Striped Jute Rug

I’m also very tempted by this Zara striped jute rug. I have ordered a striped blind for my son’s room and I think these would work well together. I also like the idea of having all just rugs on the first floor of our house. Firstly, because my children’s rooms are on this floor, meaning durability is key, but also because I like the consistency this would bring between the rooms.

La Radoute Wemba Rug

Lohals Ikea Rug

I cannot praise the Ikea Lohals rug enough. It is a little rough under foot, as you’d expect for a jute rug, but at less than £100 for a 200x300cm rug, its excellent value. It’s long lasting and will work well with lots of interior schemes.

La Redoute Rozza Patterned Oval Rug

John Lewis Arnold Black and Natural Jute Rug

MADE Elian Printed Jute Rug

MADE Arlette Textured Rug

Maisons Du Monde Round Jute Rug

The White Company Round Jute Rug


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