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House Tour: Elodie’s Bedroom

under bed toy storage baskets

The children’s bedrooms are the rooms that are decorated most frequently in our house. I guess, due to a combination of them being filthy little monsters and also that, while they’re still young, the way they use the rooms and their taste changes quickly.

Elodie’s bedroom was the room most recently revamped and one of the photos from her room is currently my most pinned pin, so I thought I’d let it take pride of place on the blog too!

Drawers from local house clearance shop, bunting from ebay, notonthehighstreet lampshade, Ikea pink throw and rug.

This is probably the bravest I have been with using colour in our house. I usually stick to more neutral colours. Or where we have used colour in the past, I’ve always stuck to paler shades. I very nearly went pale pink in this room too, but threw caution to the wind (at least for me) and plucked for a darker shade. I’m so glad I did.

The half painted effect was relatively simple to achieve using masking tape, (I recommend using Frog Tape) a tape measure and a spirit level. Take your time to get the tape as straight as possible. It will annoy you for time to come if you don’t get this bit right, trust me.

half painted walls in cinder rose farrow and ball
Elodie’s bedroom, with half painted walls.

A large portion of our home renovations involve a considerable dollop of compromise and making do. Take Elodie’s radiator, for example. In an ideal world, we would have moved this from the chimney breast, arguably the worst place to put a radiator, to under her bedroom window.

Unfortunately, our budget hasn’t allowed us to replace radiators, so for now, I have given them a lick of paint. I hope you’ll agree this has made them look fresher and helped them blend into the décor.

I used Valspar wood and metal paint to paint ours. I’m not sure that they recommend using this paint on radiators, but several months later, we’ve had no problems with any of our painted radiators.

Other areas we’ve saved money on in this room are the furnishings. The wardrobe was left in the house when we bought it. I painted it using Annie Sloan paint several years ago, though I kind of regret painting it now, I still think it looks lovely in this room.

under bed toy storage baskets
Paint colours are Farrow and Ball, Cinder Rose and Great White.

Elodie’s bed was an absolute steal at £5 on ebay. Originally, it was horrible orange pine colour, but again, paint has helped make a budget solution look much better.

For the bed, I chose a Farrow and Ball colour, Great White, which has lilac undertones, to complement the Cinder Rose pink walls. I had both colours mixed up in Valspar paint, which is hugely more affordable than buying F&B.

If you’re unsure of what colours to put together, then Farrow and Ball’s website is just what you need. If you find a colour you like on their website, scroll down to the bottom of that colour’s webpage and you’ll find a selection of complementary colour schemes to choose from.

The Farrow and Ball Instagram page is another super helpful resource, full of inspiration. I’ve asked for help with colours on there a number of times and have always been provided with helpful responses.

Storage baskets from Hobbycraft, the shelf and rug are Ikea, and the bed upcycled from ebay.

We opted for white painted floorboards and an Ikea Lohals rug in this room. At £80 the Lohals rug is incredibly good value for filling large floor spaces. It’s also really durable, and disguises marks and spillages well. Though they’re not particularly soft under foot, I highly recommend them overall.

If you decide to go for white painted floorboards in your own home, it’s worth noting that they do come with some upkeep. You will need to repaint them every couple of years, if not every year in higher traffic areas, like a hallway. That said, having had both carpet and wooden floors in this house, I much prefer the latter.

Floorboards add much more character to a room and I hate that once a carpet is stained or torn, there’s very little you can do about it. My children and pets are very hard on our carpets and so after just a few short years wear, our current carpets have been worn to a scruffy thread in places.

childrens dressing up storage crates

There are still quite a few things that I’d like to change in this room. Her curtains aren’t great and her craft table (not photographed – I don’t like that side of her room!) needs changing, but that’s OK. It would be boring if there wasn’t anything left to work on!

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