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Beautiful Greenhouses to Swoon Over

I don’t know if it’s the lockdown effect, or what, but I’ve started to get really into gardening this summer. Suddenly, I’m finding myself googling beautiful greenhouses, adding Autumn bulbs to checkout and enjoying spending Friday nights watching Gardeners World.

Who am I?!

Middle-aged, that’s who I am, isn’t it?!

So far, I’ve kept things simple and have stuck to growing things in pots, lots of pots. Like, seriously, it’s becoming a problem. My husband jokes that I can’t leave the house without coming back with a new one! I think he might be right. Though, in my defence, now we’re fast approaching September, lots of things are heavily discounted, making it a good time to buy!

On the subject of shopping, I’ve decided to buy a small wood framed greenhouse to put some of the plants more prone to frost away in during the winter. Also, to house the cornflower seeds I plan to sow as soon as they pop through my letterbox!

In the meantime, I’ve been on Pinterest looking up photos of beautiful greenhouses (again lol at how old this makes me sound!).

The Whimsical Lean To

This lean to has strong Beatrix Potter vibes, that I’m 100% into. Makes me think of an idyllic country life, complete with bunnies hoping across the lawn.

The Greenhouse Retreat

I’m not entirely sure how you make the bath in a greenhouse situation work, particularly with all that bare glass! But I kind of like it! Hot baths and gardening are fast becoming my favourite way to relax, so I kind of get why someone decided to combine the two. And can we just appreciate the flowers growing over the roof? It is Jasmine? Would smell amazing if it is!

Alfresco Dining Anyone?

Image from

Continuing the greenhouse retreat vibes, I quite like the idea of a little dining area in your greenhouse. Would be lovely on cooler days, though maybe a little to warm in there in the height of summer. If you’ve got the space, then why not?

The Vintage Greenhouse

Filling a greenhouse with vintage pieces is an idea that is 100% up my street. I love how eclectic this feels and is so full of character!

DIY Reclaimed Window Greenhouse

Image from

These DIY Greenhouses are so clever! Made from reclaimed windows and doors, they are not only beautiful, but kind to the earth too! If you’re handy with wood, then this could be a budget option for getting the Greenhouse of your (middle-aged) dreams.

Image from

The Victorian Style Greenhouse

I absolutely love this greenhouse, but I’m often drawn to traditional over modern. When and if I get a bigger greenhouse for our garden, I plan to surround with plants, like this one. I like the way it makes the greenhouse blend in and look as though it was meant to be!

If, like me, you’re getting into gardening, you might like to read my post on my favourite gardens on Instagram.


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