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The Best Summer Basket Bags to Buy Now

The Best Summer Straw Basket Bags

Whether you’re planning a summer getaway, or just looking forward to pulling out your summer dresses when the sun decides to shine again, you can’t go wrong with basket bag.

Ever since last summer, straw and bamboo basket bags have been all over the high street, with prices ranging from super affordable, to eye watering. And although they’re super popular and of the moment right now, they’re also a style staple that never really went away.

This is why I love them so much!

Basket bags the kind of item that never goes out of favour. Whatever I buy this year, will still be wearable in 2, 3, 4 or more years from now. Like maxi dresses and white shirts, they’re a summer classic.

They’re also super versatile and go well with any summer outfit from jeans and a white t-shirt, to floaty summer dresses, midi skirts and more. You name it, a basket bag will probably look good with it.

My Favourite Basket Bag Picks

Best summer straw and basket bags

1. Brighty Straw Tote Bag£22.00

2. Ark small bamboo clutch£135

3. Jute cross-body bag£19.99

4.Britt Woven Round Basket Bag, £68.00

5. Leather-trimmed toquilla-straw basket bag£285

6 Cabas leather-trimmed straw tote£235


Do you have a favourite? If you’ve got your eyes on the small bamboo clutch, but don’t have the cash to splurge on a £100+ bag, then you might be interested to know that Very have a very good dupe in black, that’s a fraction of the cost at just £40. VERY tempted to pick up one of those for myself!!





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