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How to Add Personality to Your Home Using Wall Art

Once upon a time, all the walls in my house were blank, spare for a mirror above a mantle piece. Now, I cannot imagine not having wall art and interesting things hanging on the walls.

If you want to inject more personality into your home décor, then art is a brilliant place to start. The great thing about it is that it needn’t be expensive either!

I have repurposed all sorts of things to hang on the walls in our home. From the children’s drawings, to CD sleeves, twigs and newspaper clippings.

wall of vintage mirrors
Wall og vintage mirrors in my bedroom.

I collected mirrors from charity shops and ebay, to create a wall of mirrors. Each mirror cost me around £6, which makes this an incredibly cost effective way of creating impact and interest.

The prints are from Desenio and were gifted to me as part of a collaboration on my Instagram account @kerryvillers. Desenio is a great place to pick up prints at a reasonable price, and if you look up the hashtag #desenio on Instagram, you’ll almost always find a discount code there.

Pile it all on to Create a Gallery Wall

I recently started a gallery wall by our front door, but with it being such a dark and narrow space, it’s almost impossible to get a good photo.

Our wall is made up of a mixture of family photos, prints and mirrors, but anything goes. If you have intereting objects or holiday mementos that can be attached to a wall, then these will look great too.

Pearl Lowe’s Kitchen Gallery Wall, image from Pinterest

Above is a photograph on Pearl Lowe’s kitchen gallery wall, which for me is gallery wall goals. She mixes vintage artwork with more modern typography pieces, which is what I love most about it. Mixing old and new in the home makes my heart sing!

Stack and Lean Wall Art

If you’re worried about damaging your walls by knocking them about with nails, then you try using command strips. Though, there is an even easier option. You could try stacking and leaning your wall art work against, rather than on walls.

My prints are from Print Club London

Not only does this look cool, but it also makes it that bit easier to chop and change your decor!

Light it Up

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas! They can look great all year round. I think they look particularly good hung in the corner of rooms and so I’ve just ordered this set of globe lights from Amazon.

I will to hang them in the corner of Elodie’s bedroom as a night light.

Image from

For more ideas on how to decorate your home on a budget, you might like to read my blog post How to Revamp Your Home With Things You Already Own.


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