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3 Statement Bed Styles and Where to Buy Them

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The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but the bedroom is my sanctuary.

As embark on my second decade of parenting, I can tell you that peaceful time alone, is both a rare and wonderful thing. If I find myself downstairs in our house, I’m lucky if I see more than ten minutes, without being pestered or asked to referee an argument. The demands are relentless.

And so, when the children are in bed, and I finally have some time to myself, I want to enjoy it in the most relaxing environment. Which is cue to entrance for the statement beds of dreams …

The Statement Upholstered Bed

The Pink Velvet Habitat Deco bed, comes complete with a 1000 pocket spring mattress, offering better contouring support and reduced partner movement. Perfect for people sharing a bed with someone who toss and turns all night long.

The stretch-knit ‘Coolmax’ mattress ticking also helps to maintain an even body temperature and is elasticated and zip removable for dry cleaning only.

But never mind the practicalities of the mattress, just look how beautiful this bed is!

Feather and Black Arlo Bed

Feather and Black sell some of the most beautiful velvet upholstered beds, but if you stumbled across their website, you wouldn’t know this.

I have never seen a more uninspiring (or beige) sales page, but if you do a little further research into their products, on instagram in particular, then you’ll understand why I’ve included them in this round up.

I think the Arlo bed in green velvet just might be the pick of the bunch.

Luxurious Four Posters

I’ve had my beady eye on this beautiful four poster bed for years now. I love it’s timeless elegance and cool Artist Residence vibes. Rocket St George also sell a very similar style, both are beautiful and hugely versatile.

This is the kind of bed that could see you stylishly through multiple redecorations.

Bohemian Rattan Beds

This solid oak and rattan bed would fit seemlessly into a relaxed, bohemian style bedroom. The natural materials lend itself to a cost and relaxing enviroments, whether it’s painted in white, neutral tones or dark.

The Rattan Company Daisy Headboard is only a headboard and not a full bed, but my, what a headboard.

If the bohemian vibe is your thing, then this is the perfect headboard to make a statement in your bedroom! This would look utterly beautiful in a room filled with plants and linen bedding.


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